The ReFuze product line was developed over several years. The first prototype was installed in a 1985 Carrera in 2008 and performed trouble free until it was replaced by a pre-production prototype in early 2015, which is also performing trouble free. Between the first generation and the pre-production prototypes, many different plastic and contact configurations  were evaluated before the ReFuze product was deemed production ready. The plastic housing is molded using DuPont Rynite 530 automotive grade resin formulated to stand up to the harsh environment under the hood. Rynite 530 is approved for use by the Big Three automakers. The brass contacts are formed of 464 Naval brass which has superior corrosion resistance and is used when resistance to exposure to the elements is required. Use of these materials produce a high quality panel. The Rynite 530 resin, the Naval brass, the brass threaded inserts are produced by US suppliers and are of the highest quality. The nylon screws are produced in Canada.  All molding, forming and assembly is done in the US.

The goal of CDD Autogear's  ReFuze line was to develop a quality product to replace the 1940s fuse technology used in 911s up until 1989. That outdated technology is corrosion prone and compromises electrical system performance. Voltage drops across the OEM fuses and fuse blocks due to resistance caused by corrosion can be substantial causing dim dash lights and headlights and other erratic electrical behavior.  In addition to eliminating resistance due to corrosion, the ReFuze design goal specified that no changes to the original wiring be required and that installation should be straight forward. With its exact fit and no wiring changes required, ReFuze can be easily swapped out for a return to originality. We believe we have exceeded our original goal with the production version of ReFuze and are sure it will give you many years of worry free improved electrical performance.